Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Why do my legs hurt so much after some workouts?

How do you know if your post-training/race muscle pain is DOMS or something more serious? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers of rhabdomyolysis for athletes...


3 things to consider when signing up for an event during the pandemic

We've spoken to three Event Directors to find out what we should be looking for when considering signing up for a safe event during the pandemic...


How Team Sunweb used lockdown to refine their riders' hydration strategies

Team Sunweb's Nutrition Expert, Lisa Nijbroek, explains how she's been helping the UCI World Tour team's riders adapt their nutrition and hydration strategies for racing...


Brutal JOGLE and maximising your training time for an ultra endurance challenge

Ultra endurance athlete Claire Smith explains how she's approaching nutrition and recovery ahead of her "Brutal JOGLE" - an 875-mile run across the length of Great Britain.


Does drinking cold drinks in hot weather improve performance?

Sports Scientist Andy Blow explains the effects of cold drinks / slushies on athletes' performing in hot conditions...


How to maintain your performance in extreme heat

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers of exercising in extreme heat and explains how you can mitigate the effects in order to maintain performance.


How does an international soccer player approach nutrition and recovery?

Precision Hydration spoke to international soccer player Ryan Scicluna to find out more about his approach to nutrition, hydration and recovery.


How Wolverhampton Wanderers FC have adapted during the pandemic

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club's Head of Nutrition, Mayur Ranchordas, explains how the Premier League players have adapted to the changes caused by COVID-19.


5 ways to improve your recovery from injury

Professional triathlete Claire Hann details what she's learned after returning from injury too soon and gives her 5 top tips for a successful recovery.


Athlete Inside: From 335lbs to World Class Triathlete

Sue Reynolds tells Precision Hydration how she went from weighing 335lbs to representing Team USA at the World Triathlon Championships in the space of just 4 years.


Ultra-Running with Cystic Fibrosis

Hannah Campbell suffers from Cystic Fibrosis but doesn't let that stand in the way of her love for the outdoors as she is a keen ultra-runner who has helped raise money for the CF Trust.


Allan Hovda: What I learned from my first race since lockdown

Pro triathlete Allan Hovda raced for the first time in 2020 but things didn't quite go to plan and he gives us an insight into the lessons he learned...

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