Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Detraining - will I lose fitness by not training during lockdown?

The loss of fitness through detraining can be a major worry for athletes, so how's best to approach training during an enforced lay-off? Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow outlines his 5 key tips.


How to stay hydrated when training for a Haute Route event during the Lockdown

Staying hydrated is going to be crucial if you want to perform at your best during your indoor Haute Route event. We've got some advice for you...


Balancing training with working from home and kids

The team at Precision Hydration share the actionable advice they've learned from trying to balance their training with the challenges of working from home and looking after kids.


How to stay hydrated during Haute Route Watopia on Zwift

As the Official Hydration Partner of Haute Route, it's our job to help you nail your hydration and so here are some things to consider before the first stage...


Watch: on-nomi with Andy and ultrarunner Robbie Britton

Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow shares an online drink with British ultra-runner Robbie Britton, who gives us an insight into his training regime during the coronavirus pandemic.


The challenges of managing training load for a junior elite athlete

Precision Hydration spoke to elite junior triathlete Hamish Reilly to find out more about his training plan, discuss learning curves and how he approaches fuelling for races.


Does exercise weaken your immune system?

There was a long-held belief that vigorous exercise suppresses an athlete's immune system. More recent research suggests that exercise actually boosts our immune systems IF we find the 'sweet spot'.


PH recommends: podcasts, shows and audiobooks for indoor training

Precision Hydration have put together their library of podcasts, TV shows, documentaries, (audio)books and Spotify playlists to watch/listen to when training indoors.


Listen to Team PH on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Precision Hydration's Andy, Jonny and Abby were interviewed by Chris Evans during his breakfast show on Virgin Radio. The guys Sweat Tested Chris and the team. Listen to the interview in full...


WATCH: Andy Blow on TrainerRoad's Ask A Cycling Coach Podcast

Precision Hydration's Andy Blow joined the team at TrainerRoad for an episode of their 'Ask A Cycling Coach Podcast'. Andy discusses hydration, sweat and cramping during a video special.


Team Envol's Nicolas Remires on the benefits of training with other athletes

Team Envol founder, Nicolas Remires, was part of a winning team effort at ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Catalina, so we spoke to the head coach to hear about the benefits of training with other athletes.


Planning nutrition and hydration strategies for ultra racing

Finding products which work best for you during events is crucial. Precision Hydration have provided guidelines on how to approach your fuelling and hydration strategies ahead of your next ultra race.