Hydration, Fueling and Performance Advice for Athletes


Why do athletes use caffeine?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman has explained why the source, amount and when you use caffeine during training and races matters...

12 Minute Read

Pro training plan: India Lee on adapting to long distance racing

Professional triathlete India Lee shares her weekly training plan and tells us which areas she's working on following her move up to IM 70.3 racing...

4 Minute Read

When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession

Professional triathlete Scott Bayvel tells us how his approach to a low-carb, high-fat diet became unhealthy and led to an obsessive eating disorder called orthorexia...

3 Minute Read

Are you fueling adequately to maintain health and performance?

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport hit the headlines following Mary Cain's revelations about her time with the Nike Oregon Project. Sports Scientist Inez Griffin explains how to avoid RED-S...

10 Minute Read

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Is cross-country skiing the secret to off-season success?

High Performance Coach Bernie Shrosbree explains why crosscountry skiing is the perfect form of cross training for athletes...

7 Minute Read

Can youth athletes use Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes?

We're often asked "can my child use Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes?". The simple answer is "yes" but context is key when deciding whether to use a hydration strategy and electrolytes...

10 Minute Read

Atlantic Rowing Race: Preparing for an ultra challenge in the COVID era

More people have climbed Mount Everest than have rowed the Atlantic Ocean, so we caught up with Keith Burnet to find out how he's preparing for the challenge of rowing 3,000 miles.

4 Minute Read

Sleeping bags and safety pins: How to prepare your kit for multi-day events

Record-breaking ultrarunner and UKA coach Damian Hall talks us through his thought process for selecting kit for multi-stage ultramarathons such as the Marathon des Sables. 

7 Minute Read

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How to be self-sufficient with your race nutrition in the "new normal"

Sports Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist Claire Fudge explains how athletes can be self-sufficient when racing under Covid restrictions in the "new normal".

5 Minute Read

Do you sweat when you swim?

Sports Scientist Inez Griffin answers the question of 'do you sweat when you swim?' and highlights the importance of having effective hydration strategies for pool and open water swimming.

14 Minute Read

Developing an ultra-endurance mindset (and rowing the Atlantic Ocean)

HMS Oardacious captain Hugo Mitchell-Heggs explain the importance of developing your mindset for ultra-endurance events after completing the 2,550 nautical mile Atlantic Rowing Race...

7 Minute Read

Should you use painkillers to exercise through the pain-barrier?

Some athletes may use painkillers to mask injuries so that they can continue to perform, so Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the dangers and recommendations for NSAID use in sport...

8 Minute Read

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