Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


The different types of Sweat Test and why you should have one

Understanding what you're losing in your sweat can help you unlock potentially massive performance gains...


How Sean raced 5hrs 15mins on only ~500 kcal of carbs

My calorie expenditure was 4,700 kCal but I only took in ~500 kCal of carbs during the event. I should have bonked. How did I manage it? I used exogenous ketones to fuel my 5 hour 15 minute race.


How precise does your hydration plan really need to be?

Is it possible to calculate exactly how much you need to drink during your next race?


How pros prepare for the Tour de France

With the Tour de France only days away, we thought we'd ask Jan Bakelants for some insight into how riders prepare and see what it's actually like to ride in the Tour...


The life of a cycling team doctor on the Tour de France

We talked to Dr Adrian Rotunno - Team Dimension Data’s team doctor - about supplements, the importance of technology in saving cyclists' lives and what it's like being a team doctor on a Grand Tour.


Why we put the 'relative sodium concentration' of our drinks on the front of the packet

It enables you to easily match the fluid you’re putting back in (i.e. your electrolyte drink) with the concentration of the fluid you’re losing through sweating. Click to learn more!


How to measure your sweat rate to improve your hydration strategy

Everything you need to calculate your sweat losses inc. a free downloadable spreadsheet plus a guide on how to use the data to optimise your hydration plan!


How to estimate how much sodium you lose in your sweat

To nail hydration, you need to understand 2 things: 1. how much you’re sweating & 2. how much salt you’re losing in that sweat. This blog will help you with that last one!


How MMA fighter Terry Brazier made weight on his way to a 2nd BAMMA World Championship

One of the challenges of any combat sport is the weight cut. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no different, it’s a key part of the preparation for fights - and even the outcome if done incorrectly....


2 x Olympian and World Champ Michelle Dillon reflects on her first race in 11 years

Former World Champ triathlete Michelle Dillon ran her first race in 11 years. Here's how she got on...


Does having clear urine really mean you're well hydrated?!

Recent research has cast doubt over how valid using urine markers alone to monitor your hydration status might be...


Why is your thirst quenched so quickly after drinking? And does dehydration negatively impact performance even if you don't know you're thirsty?

Does dehydration negatively impact performance even if you don't know you're thirsty? 2 research papers ask these questions and we've summarised them.