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What causes a stitch and how can you get rid of it?

The stitch has afflicted many an athlete, particularly runners, and we've asked Sports Physiologist Ben Cox to explain what causes this pain and to tell us how we can overcome the issue.

7 Minute Read

Meet the inspirational teenager who completed 19 hours of continuous exercise for charity

Precision Fuel & Hydration spoke to teenage athlete, Ted Ward, after he helped raise money for Julia's House charity by undertaking 19 hours of non-stop sport during lockdown...

4 Minute Read

Learning about hyponatremia and the importance of rehydration the hard way

Triathlete Ron Gordon details his experiences of several terrifying collapses after IRONMAN races and training rides, which were brought on by hyponatremia and a lack of rehydration...

6 Minute Read

How does exercise help to reduce our anxiety?

How does exercise help to alleviate our stress? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains how & which types of exercise are best for us when we're feeling anxious.

5 Minute Read

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My favourite indoor training session: Pro triathlete Sam Appleton

Precision Fuel & Hydration's athletes are sharing their favourite indoor training sessions and pro triathlete Sam Appleton has got a "fun one" for us...

1 Minute Read

Lockdown training part 2: How to improvise and improve

Precision Fuel & Hydration have spoken to some of our top athletes to hear how they've improvised their training during lockdown...

5 Minute Read

Meet the Precision Fuel & Hydration athlete who completed a Lockdown IRONMAN Challenge

Precision Fuel & Hydration caught up with Irish triathlete, Stephen Donnelly, after he completed an IRONMAN race in his garden to help raise funds for charities during lockdown.

5 Minute Read

Why do your eating habits change during times of stress?

Why can periods of life stress result in poorer eating habits and increased caffeine consumption? Sports Scientist, Abby Coleman, explores the relationship between stress and food.

8 Minute Read

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Cystic Fibrosis and 'Salty Sweaters'

Sweat sodium concentration can vary greatly between individuals and those with cystic fibrosis have particularly salty sweat. Abby Coleman explains what CF is and how it impacts hydration.

9 Minute Read

Inside the lockdown training plan of a Precision Fuel & Hydration age-group triathlete

Age-group triathlete Finlay McAndrew shows us how his training plan has changed during the course of lockdown.

3 Minute Read

The endurance athlete with Cystic Fibrosis who's inspiring others during lockdown

Sophie Grace Holmes was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease Cystic Fibrosis but that hasn't stopped her completing some epic ultra-endurance challenges.

7 Minute Read

Lockdown training part 1: How top athletes have adapted their plans

Precision Fuel & Hydration caught up with top athletes to hear how their training plans have shifted in response to the coronavirus pandemic and to get some training inspiration.

8 Minute Read

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