Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Why do humans sweat so much?

"The ability to sweat was our secret weapon, as it gave us the option to keep moving at a steady, aerobic pace during the hottest part of the day without significantly overheating."


Brad reviews the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

Pro triathlete Brad Williams reviews the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX...


What endurance athletes can learn from pro sports teams

We're extremely fortunate to get to work closely behind the scenes with some of the biggest teams in the world of professional sport. Here's what endurance athletes could learn from pro sports teams


The Nutrition Secrets of the Premier League's Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Precision Hydration work with a long list of professional teams, and we're delighted to be the official hydration partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.


How to avoid overtraining and burnout in sport, work and life

There'll be a few people who know me well who'll read this and see some irony in me writing a post about how to avoid burnout and over training! I learned these lessons the hard way...


Review: The Sufferfest training platform

Sean reviews the Sufferfest indoor training platform to see what the user experience offers indoor riders nowadays...


How getting older affects your performance and what you can do about it

Getting slower is a subject I think about often and it has been in evidence for me personally for about a decade now, but I feel I'm starting to get to grips with it. Here's my thoughts...


A Sweat Test + stronger electrolyte drinks helped Marc Casals run his first cramp-free New York Marathon (at the 3rd attempt!)

3 months after getting his sweat tested and personalizing his hydration strategy, Marc Casals finished his first cramp-free NYC Marathon (at the 3rd attempt)!


Why hydration still matters in cold climates and how to nail your strategy

Winter is not a time to forget about proper fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte intake if you want to perform at your best. Here's some tips to help you dial in your plan for colder climates.


How to not screw up your winter training camp

Off season training camps are a great way to build up fitness and break up the monotony of winter training. Here's how to get the most of them.


18 athletes who overcame their issues with cramp by using stronger electrolyte supplements

Here's some of the many anecdotes/case studies suggesting stronger sports drinks can help you avoid cramping up during long periods of sweating...


How to truly integrate recovery into your training plan

Are you over-training and under-emphasizing recovery? Matt Dixon - aka 'The Recovery Coach' from Purple Patch - has some tips for optimizing your recovery process...