Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


'This is not for you': From the BBC sofa to completing The Norseman

BBC television presenter Louise Minchin only completed her first triathlon in 2012 but has since gone on to represent Great Britain at her age group, complete the Patagonman and the Norseman.


How to individualise your training in the heat

Spokes coach, Aitor Altuna, explains how best to individualise training in the heat, including adaptation protocols, cooling strategies and more.


Should you combine your carbohydrate and electrolyte drinks?

A common question we're regularly asked is, can I have a bottle of carbs & a bottle of electrolytes and sip between them? Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow answers the question in his latest blog.


Race day nutrition: What do pro athletes eat?

Pro athletes discuss their nutrition plan for race day and give us an insight into the pre-race food mistakes they've made during their careers.


Do you sweat more as you get fitter?

Ever wondered why you're so much sweatier than the people around you? Precision Hydration's Andy Blow looks at how fitness levels impact upon your sweat rate.


The economics of being a pro triathlete

What is life as a professional triathlete really like? Team PH captain and pro triathlete Brad Williams gives an insight into the travel and financial implications of life as a pro athlete.


Salt and the high blood pressure hypothesis

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) has been linked with a rise in hypertension (high blood pressure) in the population, but is it the only cause? Andy Blow discusses this relationship in more detail...


James and Sean review the ARK Orno Swimrun suit

The ARK Orno 2 was the Swimrun suit of choice at the OTILLO Scilly Isles and the World Championships, so James and Sean have reviewed the suit for us.


Does altitude cause you to dehydrate faster?

The common consensus is that training at altitude results in an improved performance at sea-level, but what effect does altitude have on your hydration status? Andy Blow discusses exactly that...


How to start a long swim well hydrated

Starting hydrated is key to performing at your best during longer swims. You'll be sweating during the swim and with limited opportunites to drink, it's important to start fully topped up.


Retirement: How to deal with life after sport

2012 Olympic triathlete-turned-coach/magician Stuart Hayes writes about the challenges of transitioning from athlete to retirement, coaching or another profession.


Olympian Stu Hayes on the challenges of recovering from major injury

2012 Olympian Stuart Hayes details the challenges athletes face when recovering from major injury and gives advice on being patient, finding positives and setting goals.