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How to stay hydrated when carrying fluids is difficult

An explanation of how and when to use Precision Hydration's SweatSalt Capsules, which are great for events and sessions when carrying fluids is difficult.

2 Minute Read

How to finish in the Top 10 at Ironman events

Brad Williams is a regular top 10 finisher at Ironman events. We caught up with him to chat about how he trains, competes and, of course, hydrates.

3 Minute Read

A hydration strategy for the Marathon des Sables

This is the 2nd in a series of blogs Andy Blow has written about staying hydrated at the Marathon des Sables.

3 Minute Read

5 ways to carry drinks when running

When running longer than 90 mins, you're going to need to take in some fluids/electrolytes to perform at your best. Here's the best kit and tips for carrying drinks when endurance running!

4 Minute Read

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Why giving up alcohol could do wonders for your performance

Will having a few more drinks than normal harm your performance? And how can you rehydrate effectively if you do have an alcoholic drink?

5 Minute Read

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Know how much fuel you need?

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