Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


Athlete Inside: From 335lbs to World Class Triathlete

Sue Reynolds tells Precision Hydration how she went from weighing 335lbs to representing Team USA at the World Triathlon Championships in the space of just 4 years.


Ultra-Running with Cystic Fibrosis

Hannah Campbell suffers from Cystic Fibrosis but doesn't let that stand in the way of her love for the outdoors as she is a keen ultra-runner who has helped raise money for the CF Trust.


Allan Hovda: What I learned from my first race since lockdown

Pro triathlete Allan Hovda raced for the first time in 2020 but things didn't quite go to plan and he gives us an insight into the lessons he learned...


How to prepare your own Backyard Ultra

Alison Walker gives an insight into how to prepare for running 24+ hours after taking part in a Quarantine Backyard Ultra...


How to find motivation for training without races

Precision Hydration's Customer Service Manager and ultrarunner, James Phillips, explains how lockdown has opened new doors for his training as he explored the paths less followed...


Do vitamin D supplements boost performance?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the growing trend of athletes using vitamin D supplements and investigates their effects on performance.


Can Precision Hydration cure a hangover?

Many athletes comment on the hangover-relieving qualities of a PH 1500 electrolyte supplement and Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explains how a PH 1500 might help ease hangover symptoms.


Travel king: How to master travelling to your next race

Not sure what to pack for your next race abroad? Fear not, Team PH captain Brad Williams has written the perfect guide on how to master travelling to races.


The training habits that endurance athletes should avoid

Elite athletes give the lowdown on the bad habits that they've learned from during the course of their sporting careers.


Indoor training with Paralympic gold medallist Claire Cashmore

Paralympian Claire Cashmore shares a critical power indoor bike session and explains her "love-hate" relationship with a 40-minute session that you can add to your training plan.


What are shin splints and how can we treat them?

Sport physiologist Ben Cox discusses shin splints by explaining the real name for them, what they are, what causes them, and how to treat lower leg pain.


Does consuming more salt mean you'll have saltier sweat?

Precision Hydration's resident Sports Scientist, Abby Coleman, answers the question of whether increasing your salt intake will affect your sweat sodium concentration by looking at the research.