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Why hydration still matters in cold climates and how to nail your strategy

Winter is not a time to forget about proper fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte intake if you want to perform at your best. Here's some tips to help you dial in your plan for colder climates.

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18 athletes who overcame their issues with cramp by using stronger electrolyte supplements

Here's some of the many anecdotes/case studies suggesting stronger sports drinks can help you avoid cramping up during long periods of sweating...

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Severe hyponatremia and altitude sickness put this ultrarunner in a coma

Here's an extreme example of an ultrarunner who suffered from hyponatremia whilst traversing the Rockies.

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4 ways to master drinking at the London Marathon

Getting fluids in without choking or spilling most of it down your front whilst running is not an easy task! Here's some advice on how to master drinking on the move during the London Marathon…

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How David Kurtz beat muscle cramp after 30 years searching for a solution

Cycist David Kurtz tells us how he used Precision Fuel & Hydration's PH 1500 electrolyte drinks to beat his issues with muscle cramp after 30 years of searching for a solution!

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Avoiding injury and maintaining consistency when training for an ‘ultra’

Tips on how to get your training done whilst minimising the risk of injury.

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The different types of Sweat Test and why you should have one

Understanding what you're losing in your sweat can help you unlock potentially massive performance gains...

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How precise does your hydration plan really need to be?

Is it possible to calculate exactly how much you need to drink during your next race?

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Why we put the 'relative sodium concentration' of our drinks on the front of the packet

It enables you to easily match the fluid you’re putting back in (i.e. your electrolyte drink) with the concentration of the fluid you’re losing through sweating. Click to learn more!

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How MMA fighter Terry Brazier made weight on his way to a 2nd BAMMA World Championship

One of the challenges of any combat sport is the weight cut. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no different, it’s a key part of the preparation for fights - and even the outcome if done incorrectly....

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How to measure your sweat rate to improve your hydration strategy

Everything you need to calculate your sweat losses inc. a free downloadable spreadsheet plus a guide on how to use the data to optimise your hydration plan!

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How to estimate how much sodium you lose in your sweat

To nail hydration, you need to understand 2 things: 1. how much you’re sweating & 2. how much salt you’re losing in that sweat. This blog will help you with that last one!

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