Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


How to run 100 marathons in 3 years...

In the latest in our series of interviews with Precision Hydration users, we chatted to Richard Keatley, who's been using the products for a while, he's aiming for 100 marathon finishes in 3 years...


How to stay hydrated when you're sheep shearing

A number of the world's best shearers use our hypotonic electrolyte supplements to stay hydrated when they're at work or competing. Here's what they do...


How to stay hydrated when you're stuck at 35,000 feet

The air inside the cabin of a plane has a humidity level of between 15-20% (much lower than at ground level), this is why you 'dry out' when you fly. Here's how to stay hydrated on your next flight...


How to balance training with the demands of modern life

Precision Hydration founder and former elite triathlete Andy Blow shares his tips for how to get the most out of training when time is limited.


How well do different drinks really hydrate you?

I thought I’d write a piece on how well different types of drinks are retained in the body as that’s a question we get a fair bit and it’s of some practical use.


Should you just stick with real food to fuel your race?

If you’ve ever wondered whether sports nutrition products are actually any more effective than ‘normal foods’ at sustaining exercise performance, you’re definitely not alone...


How to tell if you’re dehydrated

Here's a quick guide to checking your hydration status (and avoiding getting dehydrated!)


Why drinking coconut water during exercise is coco-nuts

Coconut water is high in potassium but low in sodium, which means it's not the miracle sports drink it's often marketed as...


Do pro golfers need electrolyte drinks?

We spoke to 2014 Ryder Cup winner Stephen Gallacher, one of the first Pro athletes to use our multi-strength electrolyte products, to get an understanding of how golfers stay fuelled up and hydrated


H is for Hyponatremia

We have talked about hyponatremia before but to remind you, it’s a condition that most often occurs in those who drink too much during exercise...


How to hydrate properly during a triathlon

Your hydration strategy's aim is to achieve an optimal balance of fluids and electrolytes before getting to the start line. Here's some tips on how to do that.


Does coffee ACTUALLY dehydrate you and harm your performance?

Athletes tend to be heavy coffee drinkers. But drinking coffee dehydrates you, right? If so, are the benefits of caffeine outweighed by the negative effects of the dehydration on your performance?

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