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All things aero with Simon Smart, Founder of Drag2Zero

Simon Smart is one of the most influential people in the bike industry and he explains how he's helping some of the highest performing pro athletes go faster.

11 Minute Read

How pros get aero on their bike

The likes of Team Ineos, Movistar and Sunweb spend huge amounts of money and man hours refining their aerodynamics. But as you’ll discover, there’s more to it than plonking Froome in a wind-tunnel…

6 Minute Read

Orange Mud P.F.V. (Phone. Flask. Vest.) Hydration Pack Review

James Phillips reviews the Orange Mud P.F.V, which was was designed for runs under two hours and where you only really want to carry a small flask and a few other items.

3 Minute Read

Can you trick your brain into thinking you're less fatigued than you really are?

Looking for your next exercise performance breakthrough? Understanding that lump between your ears is a good place to start…

7 Minute Read

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How David Kurtz beat muscle cramp after 30 years searching for a solution

Cycist David Kurtz tells us how he used Precision Fuel & Hydration's PH 1500 electrolyte drinks to beat his issues with muscle cramp after 30 years of searching for a solution!

4 Minute Read

Avoiding injury and maintaining consistency when training for an ‘ultra’

Tips on how to get your training done whilst minimising the risk of injury.

7 Minute Read

How to manage common chronic lower leg injuries

World-renowned chiropracter Dr Lawrence van Lingen shares a list of common lower limb injuries runners suffer from with advice on how to manage them.

13 Minute Read

Andy tries Go Faster Foods' Go Bites

Andy Blow reviews Go Faster Foods' Go Bites to see how they might fit in with his nutrition strategy for endurance racing.

2 Minute Read

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The different types of Sweat Test and why you should have one

Understanding what you're losing in your sweat can help you unlock potentially massive performance gains...

6 Minute Read

How Sean raced 5hrs 15mins on only ~500 kcal of carbs

My calorie expenditure was 4,700 kCal but I only took in ~500 kCal of carbs during the event. I should have bonked. How did I manage it? I used exogenous ketones to fuel my 5 hour 15 minute race.

6 Minute Read

How precise does your hydration plan really need to be?

Is it possible to calculate exactly how much you need to drink during your next race?

6 Minute Read

The life of a cycling team doctor on the Tour de France

We talked to Dr Adrian Rotunno - Team Dimension Data’s team doctor - about supplements, the importance of technology in saving cyclists' lives and what it's like being a team doctor on a Grand Tour.

9 Minute Read

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