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How to stick to your nutrition plan

Having broadly covered what we should eat and drink in the first blog in this series on Good Habits, I’ll shift my attention towards how we should eat and drink.

5 Minute Read

Why you should eat whole foods instead of processed foods

Sounds simple enough. But what is a whole food exactly and what is it about them that makes them so superior to processed foods?

8 Minute Read

Nutrition tips for female endurance athletes

Dietician Brooke Schohl is back again with some nutrition tips, this time for the ladies in our community. Over to you Brooke..

3 Minute Read

What to eat in the heat

Sports dietitian Brooke Schohl shares her tips for what athletes should be eating in the summer to fuel their training, races and recovery.

4 Minute Read

Should you just stick with real food to fuel your race?

If you’ve ever wondered whether sports nutrition products are actually any more effective than ‘normal foods’ at sustaining exercise performance, you’re definitely not alone...

8 Minute Read
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