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Andy Blow racing the coast to coast in New Zealand

Andy Blow, Founder
Loses over 1800 mg of sodium per litre of sweat (SALTY!)
 PH 1500 drinker

In my slightly younger days I was an elite level triathlete and have a few top 10 Ironman and 70.3 finishes to my name. I also won an Xterra World Age Group title back in the year 2000.

Knee surgery forced me out of competitive triathlon a few years ago, but I still compete for fun at events like Coast to Coast New Zealand and OTillO. I mainly get away with this because my incredibly supportive wife Lucy (and 2 kids) agree to pretend that these trips are in fact family holidays.

I’ve got a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and was once the Team Sports Scientist for Benetton and Renault F1 teams.

I learnt about hydration and electrolyte replenishment the hard way, by getting things very wrong and ending up in the medical tent of more than one hot endurance event. It took a lot of frustrating trial and error to get to the bottom of my hydration problems. But it was worth it, as Precision Hydration was essentially born out of this struggle.

Jonny Tye racing at the Marathon World Championships in Rome

Jonny Tye, Operations Director
Loses just over 1000 mg of sodium per litre of sweat,
Preloads with PH 1500, trains with PH 1000 (and drinks PH 250 with the occasional G&T)

Sport has played a huge part in my life. I played a lot of rugby at a young age (I am still a huge Gloucester fan) but quickly focussed on training as a flat-water canoeist. I was age-group National champion between 2007-12 and won my first major championship medal in 2009, a bronze at the European Marathon Championships. In 2011 I became a double Silver Medalist at the Marathon World Championships in Singapore; an experience I will never forget. 

I was introduced to Precision Hydration in the early days as an athlete testing their products and I fell in love with the concept; especially when I realised an H2Pro Hydrate 1500 knocked a hangover on the head! Pretty soon I was working with the guys at events and have never looked back...

There's nothing more satisfying than being part of a motivated and enthusiastic team working hard to build something great.


Dave Colley out for a jolly in a kayak

 Dave Colley, Marketing Director

Loses  just over 1000 mg of sodium per litre of sweat
Trains with PH 1000

I'm the athletic runt of the group, but I do dabble in a bit of hiking, counting the Three Peaks Challenge, Tongariro Alpine Crossing and Salcantay Trek in the Andes amongst my favourite challenges. I also let my dad beat me on the bike from time to time when we get to ride together...

But what I lack in sporting prowess, the guys reckon I more than make up for with brainpower, with a degree from Cambridge don't you know.


Sean O'Mahony racing hard on his TT bike

Sean O'Mahony, North American Operations Manager

Loses just over 600 mg of sodium per litre of sweat
Trains with PH 500, Preloads with PH 1500


Sean is based in Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia and supports our sales efforts in North America, particularly in Canada and on the West Coast.

You'll find Sean over on our Strava group. If it's the middle of road race season for him, he might actually be hiding a lot of his training sessions on Strava. Anyone else out there do that? If you ever make it out to Vancouver and want to go on a training ride, just connect with him. He'll be happy to show you some awesome routes.


Dave Blow racing hard in his surfski

Dave Blow, Designer
Loses over 1600 mg of sodium per litre of sweat
Another PH 1500 drinker!


I started running cross country and racing cyclocross from an early age. This progressed into mountain biking (downhill and cross country). I qualified The Mega Avalanche Enduro race twice. And finished with no broken bones too. I also rode the Camino De Santiago, an off-road ride of over 1000km in just 10 days.

More recently I have focused on Surf Ski and K2 paddling, completing the Devizes to Westminster Kayak Marathon race twice. I’ve also done the Avon Descent Downriver K1 race in Perth, Australia.

I have a degree in Design worked with Redbull F1 and Muc-Off amongst others. When I’m not making Precision Hydration look awesome, I teach Graphics and Design at a secondary school in the UK.

My secret ambition is to be the first person to pedalo around the Isle of Wight, so watch this space!

Dr Raj Jutley racing with PH500 in his bottles
Dr Raj Jutley, Co-founder and Head of Science.
Loses just 500 mg of sodium per litre
Trains with PH500


I'm an open heart surgeon by trade but I have a background in Motorsports. I'm a keen rally driver and have participated in a few rounds of the WRC over the years. Having raced extensively in Africa and delivering medical support to events such as the East African Safari Rally, I know first hand just how important a tailored hydration strategy can be in extreme conditions!

I first met Andy in the late 90s when he was working with the Benetton F1 team. I was able to help Andy with questions he had about the poor performances he was having due to high sodium losses in his endurance events. When this proved to be a game changer for him, we started to put together the basic concept that has grown into Precision Hydration today.